Sports and Fitness Products

Sports and Fitness Products

Sports and Fitness products make up a huge market, a great opportunity.  The sports, workout, bodybuilding and fitness industry is booming at the moment – and shows no sign of slowing up!  IHPS Group supply known-brand products to many companies and outlets across the world.

Sports and Fitness Products

Sports and Fitness Products - IHPS Group 2
Sports and Fitness Products – IHPS Group

A major part of our supply is to the sports and fitness retail market.  We supply bodybuilding supplements, both wholesale and dropshipping, to many online stores and retail outlets, in the USA and across Europe.

Whey protein, while being a very large and competitive market, is very popular.  We can supply market leading brands in the fields – USN and PhD are two we work very closely with – and are bring new lines to our supply almost every day.

Whey Protein

Whey protein sells both to the ‘muscle’ market, but also to the ‘weight loss’ market, to both sexes and to (almost) all ages.

Although there is a lot of competition is this field, there is still great opportunity – and profit – for those willing to make the extra effort with sales and marketing techniques.

Sports Supplements

Casein Protein, BCAAs / Leucine, Amino Acid Tablets, Glutamine, Taurine, Creatine and much, much more.   We carry a large range of sports nutrition supplements for your retail organisation.

Well established and well known brand names – PhD, USN – to name just two, are all available for instant shipping.

Sports and Fitness Supplements Available for Dropshipping & Wholesale

We can supply both wholesale at trade prices, or dropship product directly to your customers.

Get in touch for more details.